"Public Exhibition: Private Affections"

Monday January 21 is a National Holiday in honor and remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the great proponent of non-violence, tolerance and equality. In response to an incident of road rage we experienced recently in Milledgeville, the recent shootings at Martin Luther King Jr. High School, and other national and international Public Displays of Aggression, Ilse Padilla and Bill Fisher invite everyone to participate in a recurring action beginning this coming Monday. Every Monday between January 21 and April 29, 2002, at 12:05 pm, Padilla and Fisher will embrace and kiss in a public location. We ask all who would like to join us each or any Monday to please:

1. Embrace and/or kiss a willing accomplice for at least 3 seconds in a public location, maintaining the display as long as desired.

2. As this Monday is a national holiday, we will hold one another in the front yard of our home beginning at 12:05 pm. Following Mondays we will perform this act on the GC&SU campus, within the downtown area of Milledgeville, or wherever we find ourselves to be. All are encouraged to participate in a similar fashion at 12:05 pm.

3. Respond throughout the semester to wfisher@gcsu.edu or ipadilla@gcsu.edu with the date, location, and length of time of your embrace. You may include your name in the email, or remain anonymous. At the end of the semester we'd like to compile and announce the statistics on participation. Names will not be used in this documentation.

Thanks to all, and to all who would like to join us in this simple, gentle act of connectedness, peace, and affirmation of the humane.

Hugs and kisses,

Ilse and Bill


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